Enter the vibrant world of ExecuLease Spaces, LLC, where a fusion of expertise and unwavering passion converges to establish an unparalleled realm of luxury property management and business consulting services. Leading the charge in this transformative odyssey are Amber Taylor and Prenashee Collins, co-owners. Their mission remains as clear as crystal: to enhance your corporate experiences and ensure your voyage with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Amber Taylor

Amber’s remarkable journey in property management and her extensive experience as a high-level executive serve as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. With an impressive eight-year track record in on-site property management and an additional ten years specializing in resident screening within the multi-family housing sector as Senior Vice President…

Prenashee Collins

Prenashee Shiffawn Collins is a dynamic leader and visionary with over 15 years of expertise in property management and spearheading small business ventures. With a fervent zeal for innovative project development and management, Prenashee excels in transforming creative visions into tangible results, emphasizing not just on enhancing the financial health of organizations but significantly improving the quality of life for team members on both a personal and professional level.

As the driving force behind ExecuLease Spaces, Prenashee has crafted a unique platform that encapsulates her vast array of skills to assist clients who possess bold visions but struggle with devising and implementing actionable plans. ExecuLease Spaces stands as a testament to Prenashee’s commitment to empowering individuals and businesses to claim their rightful space in the world, whether through business consulting or embarking on global adventures.

Prenashee is not just an entrepreneur; she is a collaborator and a dream weaver, dedicated to working alongside those who dare to dream big and are willing to make significant investments in their growth and success. Her passion, coupled with her obsession for impactful results, makes her an invaluable ally for anyone ready to take bold steps towards their aspirations. She is your dedicated Chief Visionary Companion.

A Legacy of Partnership & Excellence

However, what truly distinguishes this partnership is the profound history that Amber and Prenashee share. Over 15 years ago, they united their efforts not merely to manage a property but to craft a genuine community. Even today, they both remain deeply engaged with the residents, vendors, and team members of that property, a testament to the enduring relationships they have cultivated with clients, residents, and business partners.

For both Amber and Prenashee, the ethos of “Property management made me” fuels their journeys, acknowledging this field as the crucible that has molded them into the leaders they are today.

Amber Taylor and Prenashee Collins stand united as the driving force behind ExecuLease, offering not only luxury property management but also high-level business consulting expertise. Their combined wealth of experience, deeply rooted relationships, and unswerving dedication to serving others have birthed a partnership unparalleled in its caliber. Together, they are redefining the corporate experience through their shared pursuit of excellence and their commitment to empowering professionals to thrive and revitalize in extraordinary settings.

Through their combined endeavors, they transformed a property into a place where individuals felt more than mere residents; they felt at home. This unwavering commitment to nurturing authentic connections has stood the test of time, setting the stage for the exceptional partnership that is now ExecuLease.

Join them on this extraordinary voyage, where the legacy of partnership and an abiding love for their work continue to shape a brighter future for ExecuLease and all those they serve.

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Meet Amber

Elevating Excellence through Years of Expertise

Amber’s remarkable journey in property management and her extensive experience as a high-level executive serve as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. With an impressive eight-year track record in on-site property management and an additional ten years specializing in resident screening within the multi-family housing sector as Senior Vice President, Amber emerges as a seasoned authority in her field. Beyond her role, she actively engages in esteemed national, and regional apartment associations like NAA, LAA, GLAA, IAA, and GCNKAA, through fundraising, committee participation, and board involvement.

Education stands as Amber’s abiding passion, evident through her illustrious industry credentials, including NALP, CAM, and CAS. Yet, what truly distinguishes her is her unwavering dedication to imparting invaluable experiences and insights by instructing NALP and CAM classes to fellow industry professionals. Her contributions have garnered recognition from esteemed associations such as The Louisville Apartment Association, The Lexington Apartment Association, The Cincinnati Apartment Association, and IREM Chapter 59. Amber’s impact is far-reaching, with her primary focus on elevating industry standards and fostering meaningful community relationships at the core of her journey.

Meet Prenashee

A Journey of Transformation and Success

Prenashee’s professional journey took her across the United States, where she embarked on a mission as a National Trainer to enhance, empower, and lead teams within an expansive multi-family property portfolio. Her expertise revolved around the meticulous assessment of property performance and the strategic implementation of action plans that delivered rapid boosts in occupancy percentages and revenue streams. Her ability to do so marked her as a top-tier professional within the industry. Ranked as the company’s top sales person consistently, her results were nothing short of impressive.


But what truly set Prenashee apart was her belief that success wasn’t just about a transaction. Her passion lay in the human element—the teams she worked with. Prenashee had a unique talent for inspiring those around her, reshaping their perspectives on their roles. She dedicated time to sit with team members, leading by example and guiding them to achieve substantial commissions. Today, some of Prena’s mentees have grown to manage their own properties, and some are managing their own firms—a lasting and sustainable legacy that speaks volumes about her impact. Her genuine care for the personal and professional growth of her teams is the truest measure of her success, lifting others to greater heights.


In addition to working in property management, Prenashee was approached to join a business management consulting firm specializing in diversity and inclusion, where her focus was on business development. This career shift was a turning point, offering not only invaluable mentorship but also exposing her to major conferences and trade shows that significantly broadened her professional network. It was during this period that Prenashee’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited.


Her journey later took a profound twist when she took on the role of Chief of Staff in a multi-industry organization, working closely with an influential CEO. This transition placed her at the crossroads of corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, revealing the stark contrasts in how business operated. The experience brought forth a host of challenges, but it also unveiled the boundless potential of creative thinking, the calculated acceptance of risks, the cultivation of innovative ideas, and the power of collaborative efforts. This phase of her career was an eye-opener, reshaping her corporate skillset into a more personal, thrilling, and inspiring one.


Prenashee’s journey serves as a testament to her unwavering belief in the power of love and collaboration. Love serves as the cornerstone that ignites her passion and commitment to people, and it is profoundly gratifying for her to witness the success and incredible experiences of others. In a corporate landscape where the term “love” is often deemed unconventional, Prenashee remains resolute in keeping the spirit of love alive, firmly believing that it leads to enhanced collaboration, positive transformation, and a more profound impact. Love fosters enduring relationships, establishes trust, and contributes to the betterment of the world as a whole.


Today, she channels her passion for property management, leadership, and entrepreneurship into a new and exciting chapter, driven by the recognition that the world has evolved, and so too must our approach to business.

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